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Whether it is an unique wall features for your building project or an ancient wall relief replica for your home?  Our craftsman are capable to material your ideas and concepts. Our factory workshop are run by the best stone carving master  in Thailand and a team of dedicated professional craftsman. We are cable of fulfilling custom order of excellent quality and large quantity. Best of all, at a competitive price.

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Please feel free to contact us

Welcome to Asia Statue!

Welcome to Asia Statue!

Asia Statue brings to you Thailand finest craftsman in sandstone statue, wall relief, wall carving or garden decor. Our work focus on Asian culture such as Bali, Ankor Wat, Khmer, Borobudur, Buddhist or Hindu. Our craftsman are highly skill and decades of  experience. We are capable of producing  replica of ancient artifact or contemporary design.

Please feel free to contact us. No order is too small for us.

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